Wide Tracc Units Available!! Call Today, Buy Today!!

Wide Tracc Units Available!! Call Today, Buy Today!!
Wide Tracc Units Available!! Call Today, Buy Today!!

We have the TRACC UNIT just for you. Wide Tracc, Fast Tracc, etc… You can be the one to put these products back on the road and back to good use.

Call Tom today at: 1-800-618-7604

The WIDE TRACC UNIT is a energy absorbing crash cushion designed to protect motorists from impacting the end of concrete barriers, toll plazas, bridge piers and other rigid hazards in both permanent and temporary work zone locations.

Items are sold through Traffic Circle are routinely moved to new owners in distant locations. Surplus, idle items find new uses, new strengths, or new nations. Buyers receive crucial access here. Sellers receive sweet cash here. Both buyers and sellers are pre-positioned for a better business future. We keep things moving. Stagnant, surplus, idle equipment is serving no one. Our hope is to continue to put quality equipment to good use, at bid-winning prices.

At Traffic Circle, our vision is: To Bring Prosperity. To Live in Integrity. To Facilitate Community

Meeting NCHRP 350, these are redirective, non-gating crash cushions. Employing cylinders made from high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene (HMW/HDPE) plastic that are arranged to shield rigid hazards with three system widths of 1.525 m (60”), 2.440 m (96”) and 2.050 m (120”). When impacted within the design capacity specified in NCHRP 350, the cylinders typically regain up to 90% of their original shape and capacity without maintenance or repair of major components.

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