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At Traffic Circle, we've been connecting Highway Safety Industry Contractors with Quality Used Guardrail Pounder Trucks, Shadow Trucks, Utility Trucks and Service Trucks for over a decade.  We also sell combo trucks with TMAs attached.  We can also help you sell your truck.  Whatever your need in the Highway Safety Industry, Traffic Circle aims to please.

Guardrail Pounder Trucks For Sale

1994 ford f700 sterling post driver

    RARE Guardrail Pounder Trucks are found and sold at Traffic Circle. LIST a truck for sale – OR – Find  the perfect, affordable, money-making guardrail post-driver unit.

    Want to Sell Your Truck?

    Hi, I'm Tom, owner and operator at AllRail.Inc, parent company of Traffic Circle. It will be my pleasure in helping you to sell your Guardrail Pounder Truck or Utility Truck. Give me a call today at 1-877-724-5411 or click below to "Sell Your Stuff!"

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    Contact us at Traffic Circle 1-800-618-7604

    The Traffic Circle is the living window into idle or surplus specialty highway safety items  – un-tapped and hosted in one place.
    The World-Wide Home to Accessible Used Highway Safety Products
    I’m Tom Calton. My team and I are happy to connect you with effective solutions to buy or sell affordable Used Highway Products that are just waiting to be of service and make you money.

    Since the founding of our parent company in the 1960’s, we’ve travelled a few miles down the road with next steps with pre-owned highway products. Wherever used highway safety products have been responsibly re-tasked, we’ve likely been in the story. Find out more about Traffic Circle, below.  We’re happy to answer questions, help you sell your surplus highway safety equipment or help you find quality used highway safety equipment, guardrail pounder trucks, guardrail materials and more!  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

    How it works: It’s a beautifully simple idea.  All industry leaders have a surplus of highway safety materials and/or equipment.  We have the direct link to the buyers.  Whether searching for used guardrail pounder trucks, un-placed temporary traffic control attenuators, glare screen, TMAs or used highway guardrail materials – folks reach out to us every day. Why?: We ALWAYS have a surplus available and buyers for your idle items always find us.  We’re thankful for those who need to move items out and thankful for those who need to move items in.  We couldn’t do this without the amazing community whom we serve.  We love to see used highway safety items making the world a better place by saving money, empowering contractors to win bids and doing it while making the world a safer place.

    Trucks Sold by Traffic Circle