TMA Truck with Arrow Board

truck,TMA,Arrow Boards,safety, road safetytruck,TMA,Arrow Boards,safety, road safety

TMA Truck with Arrow Board

Looking for a TMA Truck with Arrow Board –  here’s a great opportunity. Fully functioning Trinity Industries MPS-350 Truck Mounted Attenuator is mounted, ready and comes complete with arrow board !!! Reach out Today for price. 

This is a GREAT DEAL!!!

  • 1986 F700 Gas Engine Truck – Ready to roll
  • 26,000 GVW (or less)
  • Flatbed
  • Has PTO for dump
  • Crash Cushion mounted
  • Arrow board installed and ready
  • Brakes reworked not long ago

I look forward to speaking to you about this 1986 F700 TMA Truck with an Arrow Board.  I know it will serve your business well.

Reach out to Tom today: 800-618-7604  —

Transportation incidents and workers struck by vehicles or mobile equipment account for the highest number of fatal work injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is due to poor work zone safety practices and lack of proper equipment. Workers such as emergency responders, clean-up, utility, demolition, construction, and others in dangerous areas along moving vehicles and traffic, face risk of being struck-by moving vehicles every day. Here at Traffic Circle we believe so strongly in making work zones a safer place.
A TMA (Truck Mounted Attenuator) Truck is designed to save lives in your work zone. TMA trucks are built for safety, is intended to absorb the impact of a high (or low) speed crash, decrease damage made to the vehicle, and save workers’ lives.
Truck Mounted Attenuator trucks are very useful in passive traffic control industry. These trucks and the crews that master them are hard at work right now – Saving lives all across the nation, every hour, every day, every year. Traffic Circle keeps materials and equipment like this, working to bring income to owners, for decades.What makes us happy? When OWNERS (with stagnant surplus) and BUYERS (with increasing demand) – are connected. When pallets, truckloads, or whole units of useable highway safety items get moving – we’ve done our job. Time after time, products featured here benefit new owners. Idle, surplus items find new homes and new stories. Traffic Circle Buyers often get stellar deals. Traffic Circle sellers receive cash-flow, pre-positioning them for a better future. At Traffic Circle, we’re happy when we’ve funded war-chests to open up new, profitable streams of revenue for various contractors.

At Traffic Circle, when asked, ‘What makes you tick?’ THIS is our answer:

To Bring Prosperity. To Live with Integrity. To Facilitate Community.