Saved Tons of Money AGAIN

10' sections of 30" Carsonite GREEN

A modern parable of how a contractor Saved Tons of Money, AGAIN:

Not long ago, in a realm not far away, a wise contractor named ‘Luke’ entered the Battle of the Bid. This battle required miles of Glare Screen. Luke perceived that if he could install (GREAT condition) formerly deployed glare screen, that he could save his realm great costs.

By using his searching powers, Luke quickly found Traffic Circle, which held his secret weapon: Truckloads of affordable Glare Screen! With this discovery, our hero won the Battle of the Bid!

After reaching out to Tom-Solo, (who was both handsome and on the side of the good), Luke discovered the precise type of Glare Screen held by Tom-Solo. Luke then simply asked the Masters of the Transportation Guild for a minor spec change – and Luke’s request was granted!

At light-speed, Luke grasped Tom-Solo’s glare screen for a screaming deal! Having won the Battle of the Bid, both Luke and the Masters of the Transportation Guild won a mighty victory for their realm, (while wisely recycling truckloads of perfectly applicable materials).

Luke was last seen singing on his way to his bank.

And so the story goes. When we have what you need, or when you have surplus you’d like to transform into cash-flow, just reach out. Big things happen when you keep us in the loop of your needs.

Battles are won when everyday heroes wisely use the strengths offered to them. At Traffic Circle, we’re happy to make that power accessible to you, every day.

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