TL-3 Crash Cushions – SOLD

UPDATE – TL-3 Crash Cushions – SOLD:

A contractor had several TL-3 TRACC Crash Cushions which had become stale inventory and they no longer needed the units.

Now, these TL-3 100KPH TRACC units been have moved on. We were able to help the previous owners move their unused, dormant items out of the yard, freeing up space and releasing cash in the same move. The former owners were relieved of the concern of having to worry with these stale units. They had communicated,

These crash cushions weren’t engaged. They’d just sat around, taking up precious space.

Traffic Circle moved them out in plenty of time, but the story keeps going… Another team was able to incorporate these useful units into profitable, useful missions. Everybody’s happy. Traffic Circle was very pleased to play a small part in the happy connecting.

Traffic Circle connects buyers and sellers in the marketplace. Whether its used highway guardrail post driver trucks or other equipment, we work to connect with buyers around the country and around the world. Its the same with barrels, striper trucks, glare screen, attenuators, and even used other various hardware.

Please give us a head’s up if you need TL-2 Units, or REACT Units also available.

TRACC Crash Cushion Attenuator Trinity Industries Energy Absorption Quad Guard Smart Cushion and other TL-3 and TL-2Units

A crash cushion installed in an application attached to an end of portable concrete barrier

Trinity industries TRACC Energy Absorption Quad Guards Impact Attenuator DOT Safety Construction Zone Compliance 100KPH 60MPH 62MPH TL-2 TL-3 NCHRP 350 Standards

Crash Cushion Attenuators, sold as a part of an inventory reduction. Other Units TL-2 and TL-3, NCHRP 350 Standard units available.

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Temporary or Permanent traffic safety device

traffic control device – save by buying rather than renting.

Concrete barrier placement.

These and other products which might be produced by: Trinity Highway Products, LLC, Energy Absorption Systems, Inc,  Traffix Devices Inc, SCI Products, Inc,  Barrier Systems Inc