Needed: TL-2 Crash Cushions

TL-2 Crash Cushion Attenuator Needed

NEEDED: TRACC TL-2 (short TRACCs), 4 Barrel REACTs, other TL-2 options.

REACT Crash Cushion TL-3 and TL-2 from 2-clock

REACT 350 Self-Restoring Crash Cushion TL-2 TL-3 at 8-clock

REACT 350 Self Restoring Attenuator TL2 TL3 from 6-clockApplicable crash attenuators may qualify for Temporary placements, Construction Zone, CZ or Permanent Crash Cushion Attenuator standards. [Depending on local state requirements and/or PQL’s – which vary]

Attenuator Crash Cushion For Sale

An example: REACT 350 Crash Cushion Self Restoring Attenuator Excellent Quality and Value

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TL-2 Short TRACC Attenuator Units