Sterling Post Driver Truck – SOLD


Sterling used guardrail post driver for sale… Looking for a great deal on a used highway guardrail post driver unit? If you need a single axle unit with a remote drive system, post puller and also with a rock drill attachment, this is the unit for you! Units with this combination of equipment, power, hammer-weight and rock drill don’t show up every day. When the amazing price is considered, then this package really starts to shine. The remote drive system is an irreplaceable benefit. The post puller is a huge time and labor saver when in need to remove hundreds of line posts at a time. To have these bells and whistles on one truck – one which includes a ROCK DRILL – is truly rare indeed. This is a tightly packed unit with lots of good stuff to carry its new owner down the road for quite a while. Just a wild guess, but if someone purchased the bare bones unit and then, piece-by-piece, added the features offered by this unit, it would wind up around to $100,000…

However, this unit is being offered at $40,000.

2001 – Freight Liner FL-70, Sterling Single Axle Used Highway (2000 pound hammer) with Remote Drive


For Sale By Owner:

  • 2001 truck has 185,000 miles and a cummins engine.
  • Post driver has a John Deere diesel engine power unit
  • Remote drive and steer
  • Post puller
  • 2000 pound hammer
  • Rock Drill/Auger attachment (rock drill with minimum use)


GRT Single Axle Used Highway Guardrail Post Driver 9oc view
FL-70, Sterling Single Axle Used Highway (2000 pound hammer) Guardrail Post Driver with Remote Drive ROCK DRILL

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