Standard Low Fill Culvert Post

100+ Brand New low culvert Guardrail post units available.
Located in South Central US

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Traffic Circle continues a rich cycle of stewardship, delivering increased value to owners, to departments, to our nation. We’ve done so for decades.
What makes us happy? When owners (with stagnant surplus) and buyers (with increasing demand) – are connected. When pallets, truckloads, or whole units of useable highway safety items get moving – we’ve done our job.
Time after time, products featured here benefit new owners. Idle, surplus items find new homes and new stories. While Traffic Circle Buyers often reap stellar deals, Traffic Circle sellers receive cash-flow, pre-positioning them for a better future. We’re happy when we’ve funded war-chests to open up new, profitable streams of revenue for various contractors.
When asked, ‘What makes you tick?’ – Here’s our answer:

To Bring Prosperity. To Live with Integrity. To Facilitate Community.

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