Empowering YOU to DO What Works:

  • MOVE that idle equipment. Let’s work together to recover stale equipment value. Let's apply that value to forward momentum which moves you toward better missions & future. 

  • Bring IN the best equipment. What could deliver the best value for your future missions?

  • Use our site as a window to see future possibilities. What’s available? What’s moving?

Help us help YOU advance your equipment and/or cash-flow missions!

When making decisions such as “selling” or “shopping” for equipment, leaders can often advance by considering this anchoring thought:

What are advantages v/s disadvantages to reaching out to Traffic Circle? 

The UPSIDE: Your equipment sells, releasing value which can be applied to advancing more productive work profile. Be free from "NII's" (Negatives of Idle Items): Time-sucking, taxes, descending values and cramped space. Reminder: Allowing unused equipment to sit is a fast way to devalue that equipment. One email could recover massive value.

The Downside?: Nothing changes.

Consider the Margin:  By simply reaching out, you start the process of moving forward. The likelihood of future gain is rather high. If you don’t reach out – things will likely stay the same. Where’s the potential growth in these two choices? Where does your potential lie?

To not choose - is to make a choice.

Traffic Circle builds your value by:

  • Offering you access to a nation-wide market of equipment which can add value to your business.

  • Empowering you with cashflow streams by accessing the hidden value of your idle equipment. 

Equipment which no longer fits with your business mission is working against you.



Here's a leadership question which we've found helpful in evaluating our business decisions:

  • What missions feel like a boulder that we're having to push uphill?

  • What missions feel like a boulder which is rolling downhill, that simply needs our guidance as leaders to direct the path?