October Traffic Circle Update

October Traffic Circle Update

Introducing the Monthly Traffic Circle Update, a monthly blog post for all things needed and for sell at Traffic Circle.  We have clients with cash ready to buy your surplus Highway Safety Equipment.  

Pounder Trucks Needed/Offered:

Crash Cushions:

  • 8ea. TL-3’s Available.
  • 2ea. TL-3 Scorpion TMA/Trucks available.
  • 5ea. TL-2’s Available.
  • Customer NEEDs Portable Traffic Signal system ASAP.
  • WE HAVE A STANDING DEMAND on certain Units: Got Surplus? Call us!

[email protected] – 1-800-618-7604

This & More has Happened Before with Traffic Circle:

  • Fast Track Sales: (Seller offers. Buyer commits. Money moves.)
  • EXACT idle equipment requested by Buyers – sourced quickly.
  • Buyers & Sellers gain powerful market reach far beyond their territory.
  • Business leaders pair equipment demands with real-time needs.
    • Step 1: Equipment needed -> Supplied at Savings.
    • Step 2: Equipment goes to work, Making/Saving $$$.
    • Step 3: Demand Ends. Equipment returned to market = Liquid $$$.

We’ve helped many – What’s your need?:

  • Expand your fleet by adding equipment.
  • Downsize Fleet after critical demands are met.
  • Upgrade Fleet – Pre-positioning your team for future work flow.
  • Got Other Specific Needs? Auger? Remote Drive? Non-CDL?

Traffic Circle is an information pipeline – connecting you to a huge market.

Once aware of your needs, we can help. One email engages a national reach.

[email protected] – 1-800-618-7604