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Trailer Mounted Solar Message Center


Here at Traffic Circle we sell Message Boards that bring safety to the roadside work force. We know working safely is your number one priority on all your projects. You should be able to provide safe and reliable solutions to insure safety without compromising work flow. Here at traffic Circle we have the solution you need. The Trailer Mounted Solar Message center allows for you to take your safety needs from one project to the next with ease. Let us help you keep safe!!!

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Portable solar powered message boards are used in a variety of traffic control, emergency communication and sporting event applications as well as for temporary communication devices to convey your desired text to any mass audience.

Call Tom At Traffic Circle for further details about the purchase of a portable solar powered message center.

When the motorist needs advanced warning of road construction, detour information or road hazards, or you need a temporary message center to communicate your instructions for crowd control, parking or emergency information, Traffic Circle is your best choice to call for your portable message board needs.

Traffic Circle keeps materials and equipment like this, working to bring income to owners, for decades.What makes us happy? When OWNERS (with stagnant surplus) and BUYERS (with increasing demand) – are connected. When pallets, truckloads, or whole units of useable highway safety items get moving – we’ve done our job. Time after time, products featured here benefit new owners. Idle, surplus items find new homes and new stories. Traffic Circle Buyers often get stellar deals. Traffic Circle sellers receive cash-flow, pre-positioning them for a better future. At Traffic Circle, we’re happy when we’ve funded war-chests to open up new, profitable streams of revenue for various contractors.

At Traffic Circle, when asked, ‘What makes you tick?’ THIS is our answer:

To Bring Prosperity. To Live with Integrity. To Facilitate Community.