Looking For Wide Tracc Units!!

Wide Tracc Unit

Got one of these… or something similar?

NOW’s the time to turn them into cash. A project can use ‘less common TL-3, Wide-TRACCs.

If you have 1 or more of these (or similar) beautiful units taking space? Call Tom today at: 1-800-618-7604

The WIDE TRACC UNIT is a energy absorbing crash cushion designed to protect motorists from impacting the end of concrete barriers, toll plazas, bridge piers and other rigid hazards in both permanent and temporary work zone locations.

The Traffic Circle is the living window into idle or surplus specialty highway safety items  – untapped and hosted in one place. The World-Wide Home to Accessible Used Highway Safety Products

How it works: It’s a beautifully simple idea.  All industry leaders have a surplus of highway safety materials and/or equipment.  We have the direct link to the buyers.  Whether searching for used guardrail pounder trucks, un-placed temporary traffic control attenuators, glare screen, TMAs or used highway guardrail materials – folks reach out to us every day. Why?: We ALWAYS have a surplus available and buyers for your idle items always find us.  We’re thankful for those who need to move items out and thankful for those who need to move items in.  We couldn’t do this without the amazing community whom we serve.  We love to see used highway safety items making the world a better place by saving money, empowering contractors to win bids and doing it while making the world a safer place.