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used guardrail and safety productsTo offer a product with integrity and confidence, it is essential to believe in the real solutions a product provides. Highway Safety Industry products come with high commendation: Solid, tested, and proven over decades of hard work. When durable, legitimate, lasting results are needed, used highway safety products are in a league of their own.  

Our used highway guardrail, attenuators, TMAs and crash cushions embody a wealth of untapped inventory - Offering the powerful potential to save BIG on investment capital. From coast to coast, Traffic Circle makes it possible for our highway safety community to conveniently list these products. For more info, go to classifieds

scorpion attenuator and used highway safety products6 barrel react units

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mountains of used guardrail

W-Beam Guardrail

Physical Length: 13’6” // Industry Build Per panel: 12’6” // Approx. Weight per Panel: 93 pounds.

Physical Length: 26’ // Industry Build per Panel: 25’ // Approx. Weight per Panel: 182 pounds.

Thrie-Beam Guardrail

Thrie-beam ( 20 inch wide) guardrail panel even out-performs the durability of our standard W-beam used highway guardrail panel. It provides fast, affordable square foot coverage. Our 20 inch used thrie-beam guardrail panel is so mean, Chuck Norris doesn't tangle with it.

Physical Length: 13’6” // Industry Build Per panel: 12’6” // Approx. Weight per Panel: ~142 pounds.

used guardrail for windbreaks
galvanized beam I-beam posts for any project

I Beam Post

Versatile, galvanized, SOLID 6 inch I-beam posts are the backbone of highway guardrail barriers used across the nation and the globe. Used highway guardrail posts on-hand:

  • 5’9″ Steel I-beam strong posts w/  block-out punching. With or without steel blocks.
  • 6′ Steel I-beam strong posts, direct mount hole 7 inches down.
  • 6’6″ Steel I-beam strong posts
  • 6’9″ Steel I-beam strong posts
  • 7′ Steel I-beam strong posts
  • 8′ Steel I-beam strong posts (seen on left)
  • Additional lengths and styles also available.

Wooden Post

These 6″x 8″ x ~6' green-treated post have a lot of life and tons of uses. These post have been an industry standard for years. After being removed from their initial tour of duty, they continue perform well in a wide variety of applications. Our standard treated wood used highway guardrail posts are just the thing for landscaping applications and work GREAT for long lasting, affordable, attractive retaining walls.

Standard Dimensions:

  • Width / Depth: 5.5" X 7.5"
  • Length: 6' (or 5'9")
  • Weight: (varies) ~75 pounds each

wooden post

Flared Ends

Flared, or “dovetail” ends, are a sweeping termination to a length of need. Flared Guardrail ends bolt to the end of a highway guardrail panel section, “flaring” it to a sweeping 90° end. Flared ends provide a smoother, rounder, “softer” finish to the section. Flared ends are often used at the end of sections of guardrail panel applied in parking lots, roadway boundaries, bridge railings, various municipal applications, livestock fence  joints, and are often included in our industrial, plant safety or parking deck packages.

Glare Screen

Glare Screen is a passive safety product that protects automotive drivers from the oppressive distraction of oncoming headlights. Additionally, glare screen can also assist in softening the impact of early morning and/or late evening sunlight which may be disruptive or distracting to drivers.  Glare Screens are uniquely designed to keep drivers safe from the lights of oncoming traffic.


Message Boards

The message board is a passive safety product that provides road side solutions like calming traffic, giving direction, reducing accidents, and working towards eliminating fatalities on roads and highways – These are used for temporary setup and display of information at various locations. for example: Roadside construction, disasters, detours, road closing, events etc. Here at traffic circle we want you and our roads to stay safe.

Responsible repurposing does a great deal for industry. Its been called wise stewardship, economically sound and perhaps even heroic. We think recycling is simply common sense.

Attenuators - Crash Cushions - TMAs

We help connect idle Attenuators, Crash Cushions and TMAs (Truck Mounted Attenuators) with those looking to be cautious with precious capital.

Check out our CLASSIFIED section to see what Attenuators are on the market .

used tracc units

Surplus highway safety stuff to the rescue!

Surplus highway safety product uses are ever-expanding. Towns, farmers, cities, landscapers, warehouses, property management, business security, erosion control measures, municipalities, and more use used highway guardrail - and other various used highway safety hardware for numerous different projects?


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