Headlines from Guardrail Contractor Frontlines

Priority ONE: Get your guardrail post driver units in process.

Specific units are in strong demand right now. Have one to sell? Reach out for info.

Lead-time on guardrail pounder truck up-fit and availability is increasing.

Here’s how some contractors are addressing their equipment needs:

1. Many contractors are fishing farther upstream for trucks. Prudent businesses are placing these units into the upgrade pipeline NOW, so that they can be available for future use. We cannot stress the effectiveness of this approach enough.

2. Many contractors (Early Birds) are refurbishing their existing spare or secondary units ASAP.

3. Several are actively searching for spare units.

4. Forward-thinking buyers realize the prudence of being ahead of the curve.

5. The ownership of a spare unit affords leaders many (too often unforeseen) opportunities.


Why It Matters to Have Your Spare Post Driver READY. A few thoughts:


What Can We Do for YOU?

1. Some contractors have seen how the availability of an additional post driver accelerates the sense of responsiveness and commitment to a jobsite. a. DOTs and GCs highly value responsiveness. Contractors often find it strongly beneficial to exhibit presence by committing an appropriate machine to the roadside. Your company’s name on uniquely qualified, on-site equipment shows ownership in the pressing interests of the one writing the checks.

Q: Does the 1st machine on site HAVE to do the work?

2. In the universe of used equipment - supply, demand and timing are critical.

From the inside view of  website traffic, several industry colleagues keep a diligent eye on available equipment. Knowing when to purchase is a question with unique answers. It is, however, a question worth asking.

Thoughts on Buying Post Drivers:

  • Being prepared to purchase when the right equipment opportunity comes along is critical.
  • Do you know your equipment options? Is your company ready for action when it does? What does your wish list look like? Have you communicated what you’re looking for to us at Traffic Circle? It makes a difference.
  • When businesses are forced to purchase equipment when under the gun, investment costs can increase dramatically.
  • We’ve seen business save huge capital by purchasing at the right time, in order to be pre-positioned before the need arises.
  • Concerned about and Exit Strategy for surplus equipment? Suppose you purchase a unit that eventually you don’t need. Traffic Circle can have your equipment in front of thousands of industry leaders. (You're reading this =). We'll help you effectively transform that equipment into liquid capital.

We can MOVE Traffic Safety Surplus Equipment for You:

  • Pavement Marking
  • Striping Removal Equipment
  • Guardrail Related Equipment
  • TMAs
  • Trailer Mounted TMA’s
  • Truck/TMA Combinations
  • Glare Screen
  • Attenuators

Yard Clearance - We can diligently and discreetly SEARCH for equipment on your behalf:

  • Specialized Equipment
  • Specialized Products
  • Large Lots
  • Small Lots

Multiple Equipment Options Decades of service. Deep connection. Market-wide penetration – is all available. Why not make it work for you?