GRT Utilicorp Pounder Truck – SOLD

GRT Utilicorp Guardrail Pounder Truck with a 2000 model Freightliner truck frame – SOLD


The frame has 200, 348 miles on the odometer

Please reach out to Tom ASAP at: 1-800-618-7604 and we’ll get you moving ahead on this GRT Utilicorp Guardrail Pounder Truck as soon as possible.  Let us help you put it to work for you.

Starting price is $43,000

Remote Drive. Single Axle.

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Billions of feet of highway guardrail are ‘on guard’ throughout the nation. Every day W-beam, Thrie-beam and cable median barrier stands by to protect American motorists from run-off-road crashes. These billions of feet of highway guardrail and other highway safety barrier have to be installed and maintained by companies prepped and ready to keep our nation’s highway hardware installed and ready for action. Behind nearly every foot, every yard, every mile of this safety barrier is a guardrail post driver machine. This powerful GRT truck awaits a new owner where it can go to work. That work is available from coast to coast. If you have the will to make it happen. This truck is a great choice to turn your drive into won contracts.

Please email us now: [email protected]

GRT Utilicorp Truck with Freightliner Chassis for sale