Fleet Impact Heads

Around 100 are Readily Available!

Fits a wide range of applications:

  • Flared
  • Variable Offset
  • Wood or Steel Posts
  • Test Level 2 and 3 Speed

The FLEAT combines the superior performance of the energy-absorbing tangent terminals with the advantage of flared terminals in reducing nuisance impacts. During head-on impacts, the FLEAT head slides over the W-beam guardrail. The rail is sequentially kinked or bent as it moves through the head. The kinked guardrail exits the head safely and the vehicle is brought to a controlled stop. When impacted along the side within the length of need, the FLEAT functions like guardrail. The errant vehicle is safely redirected back toward its original travel path.

This is what makes us happy: When owners (who have a stagnant, no longer-needed supply) and buyers (who have a rising demand) – are connected. We feel our job has been done when pallets, truckloads, or whole units of outstanding used highway safety items roll out from storage. Time after time, products featured here are quickly and easily loaded and transferred to a new owner, new uses, and sometimes, new nations. Buyers get great deals. Sellers receive sweet cash, pre-positioning them for a better business future. We trust that many sellers have freed up necessary cash flow, funding their war chests to open up new and profitable revenue streams.

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