SOLD: 2001 Mack CH-613 + Auger/Hydr. Hammer + Sleeve Driver

Fully remote drive Diesel PUNCH TRUCK post driver with operating BEAST of an integrated hydraulic-powered hammer, Post puller & 2.5” Kelly Bar Pressure Digger. Chassis has A/C.

  • Chassis Manufacturer-Mack, CH-613
  • Chassis Year-2001
  • Miles on Chassis-372,184
  • Type of Transmission-Standard
  • Truck’s Listed GVW-45,370
  • Engine Make/Model-Mack E7-469
  • Brake System-Air
  • Split-Drive Rear End-YES
  • Type of Driver/Pounder-Frank Gurney Build
  • Remote Drive-YES
  • Pounder Engine Make-John Deere
  • Number of Cylinders-6

Good tires & Fully operative. Ready to roll, Ready to drive, Ready to work TODAY!

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Highway guardrail post pounder trucks are the specialty equipment at the heart of the highway guardrail installation industry.

Used Guardrail Post Driver Truck-Buy Today! Billions of feet of highway guardrail is currently in place across the nations of the world. These trucks are on the job installing safety barrier to re-direct traffic across the nation. Knocking out DOT’s to-do lists in the Northeast. Driving it home in Delaware. Making it happen in Missouri. Fixing Florida’s rail. Guardrail is the workhorse of the highway safety barrier story. We already know that guardrail saves lives all across the nation – every hour, every day, every year. These used highway guardrail post driver trucks turn w-beam highway guardrail barrier from concept into a working reality. Used Guardrail Post Driver Truck-Buy Today!

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