Used Guardrail Post Driver with Auger

Used Highway Guardrail Post Driver For Sale

Sterling B-7 Used Guardrail Post Driver with Auger for sale.


This used guardrail post driver with auger is rare find because it includes a pressure digger with a post puller. We have video of this truck in operation. 

‘A Sterling B-7’ is a well recognized make of a model when it comes to highway guardrail installation equipment. This renowned system has installed thousands of miles of DOT approved highway guardrail across multiple nations around the globe.

This Sterling B-7 Pressure Digger Combo unit has been up-fitted by GRT with the square tube hammer configuration.


DJP_1733 DJP_1734 DJP_1738 DJP_1739 DJP_1744 DJP_1745 DJP_1747

This Sterling B7 post driver has the tube which has been refitted by GRT

This Sterling B7 post driver has the tube which has been refitted by GRT

DJP_1771 DJP_1772 DJP_1775 DJP_1777 DJP_1778 DJP_1782 DJP_1786 DJP_1788 DJP_1789
Highway guardrail post pounder trucks are the specialty equipment at the heart of the highway guardrail installation industry.

Billions of feet of highway guardrail is currently in place across the nations of the world. These trucks are on the job installing barrier to safely re-direct traffic: Knocking out DOT’s to-do lists in the Northeast, driving it home in the Delaware, making it happen in Missouri and fixing up Florida’s the bumped up rail . Guardrail is the workhorse of the highway safety barrier story. These used highway guardrail post driver trucks are the crucial carriers that take the w-beam highway guardrail barrier from a concept and turning it into a working reality. That beam then saves lives all across the nation, every hour, every day, every year.

When items are sold through connections made on Traffic Circle, those materials and equipment most often go well beyond the operational boarders of their origin. =). What makes us happy? When owners with previously  stagnant, no-longer-needed supply are connected with buyers. When pallets, truckloads, and $$$ of perfectly good used highway safety items get moving. Products featured here are routinely moved to new owners. Surplus, idle items find new uses, new strengths, and sometimes new nations. Buyers get great deals and sellers receive sweet cash. Both are pre-positioning for a better business future. We trust that many sellers have freed up necessary cash-flow. We feel we’ve done our job when funding war-chests to open up new and profitable streams of revenue.

At Traffic Circle, if you were to ask us for one of the things that makes us tick, our answer would sound something like this:

To Bring Prosperity. To Live in Integrity. To Facilitate Community.

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