Tom Solo – Strikes Again

10' sections of 30" Carsonite GREEN

A modern parable for road warriors: On Winning Everyday Battles:

Not a long time ago, in a realm not very far away, a wise contractor named ‘Luke’ entered the Battle of the Bid. One specific battle required a mountain of Glare Screen. Our gallant knight understood that if he could possibly install (GREAT condition) previously deployed glare screen, that he could save he and his realm, great costs.

By focusing all his incredible searching powers, Luke easily uncovered the (no-so-hidden) secret of Traffic Circle! THERE, Luke found the secret weapon: LOTS of affordable Glare Screen! With this discovery, our hero could not only win the Battle of the Bid, but also empower his people with stellar profits!

Luke then reached out across time and space to communicate with Tom-Solo, (who was not only handsome, but Glare Screen For Salewas also on the side of good and right). After discovering the precise type of Glare Screen Tom-Solo held, Luke simply asked the Masters of the Transportation Guild for a minor spec change to match Tom-Solo’s materials – and Luke’s sensible request was quickly granted!

With light-speed, Luke grasped Tom-Solo’s glare screen for a screaming deal, saving Luke a massive chunk of his precious hardware costs! Having won the Battle of the Bid, Luke and the Masters of the Transportation Guild won a mighty victory for their realm, (while prudently recycling multiple truckloads of perfectly solid materials).

Luke was last seen singing happily – on his way to the bank.


The End.


You too can share Luke’s epic tale. One fateful day, an opportunity such as happened to our hero will surely present itself to you. Or, the day will come when your world has perfectly good items needing a new home. Traffic Circle empowers you to transform either surplus or need – into cash flow.


Battles are won when everyday heroes wisely use the strengths offered to them. At Traffic Circle, we’re happy to make that power accessible to you, every day.


Call Tom-Solo today at: 1-800-618-7604

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