Remote Drive Sterling – Heavy Duty Hammer – Affordable

Remote Drive Sterling Guardrail Post Driver with Heavy Duty Hammer


  • AFFORDABLE Remote Drive Post Drive Truck
  • Heavy Duty Drop Hammer Weight
  • Chassis: 366 Chassis Engine
  • 6 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Sterling Remote Drive Post Driver
  • Wisconsin V4 Rear Engine
  • GVWR 28,000
  • Tires at High Percent

This will make a great back up unit. Needs some TLC, but has GREAT potential for a solid remote drive unit.



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Highway guardrail post pounder trucks are the heart of the highway guardrail barrier fence installation contracting industry. Used to install the billions of feet of highway guardrail currently in place across the country to safely re-direct traffic these trucks are on the job, knocking it out in Nebraska, driving it home in the Dakotas, making it happen in Montana and cleaning up the Carolina’s DOT’s to-do lists. Where w-beam and thrie-beam bridge rail guardrail are the workhorse of the highway safety barrier story, these used highway guardrail post driver trucks are the crucial carriers that take the w-beam highway guardrail barrier from a concept and turn it into an installed, working reality. That beam then saves lives all across the nation, every hour, every day, every year.

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