DP Guardrail Post Driver Truck

Post driver unit - DP Single Axle with Auger for sale

Used Guardrail Post Driver for sale.


Used DP Guardrail Post Driver Unit for Sale

Please email us now: tom@allrail.us or call us at: 828-287-3745

White cab.

Orange DP unit

$16,500 Starting price. This unit is a remote drive.

Unit has a post puller installed.

Chassis drive engines: DT – 466

Pounder unit drive engine: Diesel. Iszuzu

Weight of hammer: estimated at 1300 lbs

This unit is not under 26000 gvw.

This unit does NOT have an auger. We have video of this truck in operation. 

DJP_1576s_35 DJP_1579s_35 DJP_1581s_35 DJP_1593s_35 DJP_1594s_35 DJP_1595s_35 DJP_1596s_35 DJP_1597s_35 DJP_1600s_35 DJP_1602s_35 DJP_1614s_35 DJP_1632s_35 DJP_1637s_35


DP Post Driver Used Highway Driver with Auger

Used Highway Guardrail Post Driver Unit for Sale

DJP_1582 DJP_1584 DJP_1585 DJP_1589 DJP_1590 DJP_1592 DJP_1598 DJP_1606 DJP_1607 DJP_1609 DJP_1610 DJP_1616 DJP_1617 DJP_1619 DJP_1621 DJP_1623 DJP_1624 DJP_1626 DJP_1629 DJP_1640 DJP_1646 DJP_1649 DJP_1651


Highway guardrail post pounder trucks are the heart of the highway guardrail installation contracting industry.

Used to install the billions of feet of highway guardrail currently in place across the country. These trucks are on the job installing barrier to safely re-direct traffic: Knocking out DOT’s to-do lists in Texas, driving it home in the Carolinas, making it happen in Nebraska and cleaning up the California. Guardrail is the workhorse of the highway safety barrier story. These used highway guardrail post driver trucks are the crucial carriers that take the w-beam highway guardrail barrier from a concept and turning it into a working reality. That beam then saves lives all across the nation, every hour, every day, every year.

When items are sold through connections made on Traffic Circle, those materials and equipment most often go well beyond the operational boarders of their origin. =). What makes us happy? When owners (who have stagnant, no-longer-needed supply) and buyers (who have a rising demand) – are connected. Our job’s been done when pallets, truckloads, whole units of perfectly good used highway safety items get moving. Time after time, products featured here are moved to new owners. Surplus, idle items find new uses, new strengths, and sometimes new nations. Buyers get great deals. Sellers receive sweet cash – pre-positioning them for a better business future. We trust that many sellers have freed up necessary cash-flow. We feel we’ve done our job when funding war-chests to open up new and profitable streams of revenue.

At Traffic Circle, if you were to ask us for one of the things that makes us tick, our answer would sound something like this:

To Bring Prosperity. To Live in Integrity. To Facilitate Community.

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