DP Drop Hammer Guardrail Pounder Truck

DP Drop Hammer Guardrail Pounder Truck For Sale


DP Drop Hammer Guardrail Pounder Truck in good shape.  On a 2000 Freightliner chassis with 163,015 miles.

Please reach out to Tom ASAP at: 1-800-618-7604 and we’ll get you moving ahead on this DP Drop Hammer Guardrail Pounder Truck as soon as possible.  Let us help you put it to work for you.

Starting price is $22,000.00

New John Deere pony motor on back with 346 hours.

Remote drive.

1,200 pound hammer.

Also air brake on back with foot control

Many buyers are looking for something to put them on the job quickly and for the least amount of cash-out-of-hand. If being attentive to your cash-flow, then here’s a GREAT place to start. DP is a name that’s been in the industry for years. Some contractors will have nothing other than DP units.

Also, many wise contractors keep units such as this one ready to go for a backup unit just in case one of their main units needs maintenance or unforeseen repair. This little unit is a gem for just such an application. An opportunity of this value — for this low of an entry price, with this LOW of chassis miles – may not come again for some time.

We also have other trucks for sale.  Click HERE to see those.  Looking for highway industry guardrail.  Check out AllRail.Inc too.

Unit stationed at a contractor that has a five star rating as far as consistency and trustworthiness.

Please email us now: tom@allrail.us

DP Guardrail Pounder Truck For SaleDP Guardrail Pounder with Freightliner Chassis

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