About Traffic Circle

Tom Calton, owner of Traffic CircleWelcome to Traffic Circle.  I’m Tom Calton and we connect global needs with effective solutions supplied by vast amounts of our quality, affordable Used Highway Products waiting to be of service.

Since the founding of our parent company in the 1960’s, we’ve travelled a few miles down the road with recycled highway products. Wherever used highway safety products have been responsibly re-tasked, we’ve likely been in the story.  Find out more about Traffic Circle, below.  We’re happy to answer any questions as well and look forward to speaking with you.

How it works: Whether searching for used highway guardrail for sale -or- used guardrail post driver trucks -or- un-placed temporary traffic control attenuators, glare screen or TMAs – folks reach out to us every day. One huge reason: we ALWAYS have a surplus available for sale. Already shopped around for new prices?… Our surplus highway safety hardware is astonishingly affordable in comparison. Our highway safety products are always on hand… load after load, month after month, truck after truck. Private individuals, home owner associations (HOA’s), businesses, municipalities, farms, contractors, ranchers, warehouses, race tracks, beef / dairy growers – anyone looking for surplus highway safety product can get a solid quote from us in minutes. The #1 reason we serve so many satisfied customers is that train loads of material are annually flowing through our gates, nationwide.
Every week business owners reach out from Iowa, Idaho or Ohio — from Nevada, Montana and Dakotas to snatch up w-beam. Our DOTs are keeping all or the best – sometimes ANY used highway guardrail now being removed from roadsides, nationwide. This trend has been increasing over the years, and we expect it to continue skyward. In recent years, the 26 foot W-beam guardrail material was often available from DOT activity, we were able to maintain multiple truckloads on hand – always at a winning price. Our consumers continue to reach out to us for used highway guardrail for sale (among other highway transportation related items) because we always have what they’re looking for. We have SHORT guardrail panel. We have  thousands of panels ready for cribbing projects. We have miles of low-tension cable available. We have kilometers of strong posts stacked and ready. We provide multiple options on highway guardrail pounder trucks. When used highway guardrail materials are needed racetracks, we’ve got what it takes.

Call – Email – Reach out to us. We’ve been here for decades. We’ll be here for your future as well.

Never Hit Crash Cushions for sale.  Find out more about traffic circle here